Precious Moments : You make the best of a rainy day

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Please note the quality of this item is like new, the item was once on display, and no longer has the box!


You make the best of a rainy day!

Make the best of those rainy days by spending them with a friend. This little boy is riding in an umbrella with his Disney friend Roo. This porcelain bisque figurine is part of our Disney Showcase Collection. Retail value of 65.00 dollars Item was once a display figure, it is in like new condition. If you look closely t are a few grime/dirt spots in the following areas : 2 small sports on the top of the head, one small line on head. It is possible to clean these off, however I will not do it to risk ruining the figure. Shipping : Detailed Description(New):

Item weighs appx 15 ounces : Priorty mail shipping cost is 5.35

Tracking information( New,confirms the item reaches your destination! ) : is 0.00

Handling charges (For Specific Box and Careful packaging of this fragile item) is 1.00

Total Shipping charges : 6.35 or 3.17 if its an additional precious moment purchase.

This item offers 50% off shipping for each additional Precious Moment purchased. Please note that precious moments figurines may have different shipping
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