"From The Beginning" is one of the MOST HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER figures every made!!!

This Precious Moments is truly a collector's dream! Just to own it is a rarity ... but to display it in your collection shows to your family, friends and neighbors that you have the "TOP" piece in the Precious Moments Collection !

"From The Beginning" is probably the most complex Precious Moments ever created. It portrays a cute little girl enjoying her first 21 Precious Moments figurines (they reduced their size and put ALL 21 on t his piece )!

This Limited Edition Precious Moments piece was produced in the year of 2003 and only available at the top 50 "Century Circle Club" Stores in America. So it is quite a special piece to have and own!

It measures 8.5" wide by 5.25" tall, is a brand new piece that has never been owned or on display. It is in 100% perfect condition and even comes in its original presentation box, all complete.

A special gold medallion has been imbedded into the porcelain base to certify the importance of "From The Beginning" as the 25th Anniversary Piece. Also the Century Circle Seal was fired into the base during production.

This rare and very special "PRECIOUS MOMENTS" figurine needs to be in your Collection!!!