Precision 5 pole coreless 1220 motor N and Hon3 Sweet

This is 5 pole Namiki Coreless motor with single 1.5 mm shaft and it is 12 mm (Diameter) and 20 mm long in the body not including the bearing lips or shafts. This is ideal for narrow gauge or N scale. With a flywheel it will coast several seconds no load .

You may substitute Maxon coreless 1220 which has 7 poles and 5.5 by .5 threads so a 10 mm gearhead can be mounted with multiples of 4 to 1 ratio or a mighty mite gearhead see picture and other Micro LocoMotion listings for the gearmotor version. Granny gear will get you up those hills and through rough trackwork! The shaft is 1 mm for tiny gears but can be sleeved to 1.5 mm or 2 mm.

This is a very high quality 12v. CAN MOTOR (coreless) for those who want to upgrade your old open frame motors to a modern Can type for improved performance...This is very high quality motor for all models..silent running, stay cool, deliver high tourque & RPM at low current draw..go to the company website to see all specs: Namiki motors this one measures 12 by will fit most small or medium to large steam locomotives and diesels This is extremely important when you go to DCC operation as the old motors just draw way too many amps for the decoders...modern cans draw a fraction of the amps as the old open frame type motors.. These motors all run close to $100 new from
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