Predator Call (Grab Bag)

Crosshairs GameCalls~(TM) are made for the Hunter in mind. All Calls are made with quality Wood with quality craftsmanship shown. They are approx 4" long and easy to use . All calls are made one at a time and no two calls are the same.

Grab Bag “ Predator Call” (cottontail rabbit)

Here is what I've done , I have way to many predator calls that I have made

I have bagged up 30 bags with a different predator calls in each bag

One call per bag . Different wood for each call.

In the Photo are some of the calls that are in the Grab Bag .

I will guarantee that you will not be disappointed .

Are you ready to gamble? Take as many as you want .

They are in the padded postage envelope ready for your name and address .

Good Luck

I have been making game calls since 1987 when I was working for USDA-APHIS-ADC. I started making Predator Calls for myself and then a few of my colleges and friends ask me to make them a few. Well that was years ago and so it is said, history. I also make deer, crow, elk, turkey and a few duck calls.

This is a great call for your calling needs or your collection! This call is easy to use and great for beginners and advanced callers alike. My calls have been field tested and proven and used by many callers across the Country. You won’t be disappointed

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