Predator SP8RW - Z² Shaft - Sneaky Pete - NO WRAP SALE

IMMEDIATE SHIPPING - #1 PREDATOR EBAY DEALER!!! Predator SP-8RW with Z² shaft and a retail of $474. Price reduced by Predator from $579 to $474 in June of 2009 This is the newest version of the 8 point Predator Sneaky Pete. Cue has a Maple forearm with Rosewood handle and points. Points have black, white & red veneers. Patented Uni-loc® quick-release joint system in butt and shaft. This is a sweet looking cue.


The new Predator Z² shaft is 11.75mm at the tip with a stronger Pro shaft taper. The new design is re-engineered to increasingly reduce cue ball deflection. It's even easier to pocket balls using English. The all new Tiger® Everest tip is now multi-layered, enhancing the feel, reducing mushrooming and increasing the life of the tip. New Titan® Ferrule is 4/10 of an inch. New ferrule is stronger and more resistant to scratching, chalk stains and damage. A shorter ferrule improves your cue's performance. Joint insert is mounted in a solid core of phenolic for better surface contact and insert stability. Phenolic provides increased durability and a more solid feel when you play. The new Z² shaft is stiffer than the previous Z shaft, which produces less deflection. The previous Z shaft has 38% less deflection than a conventional shaft. New Z² shaft has 51% less deflection than a conventional
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