Prehistoric Anasazi Bowl AD 1325-1400 Fourmile Poly old

Prehistoric Anasazi Bowl A.D. 1325-1400. Nice prehistoric Anasazi bowl. This is a Fourmile Polychrome bowl dating from A.D. 1325-1400. The bowl has been glued together, I do not know the bonding agent used, seems to be a good job. The bowl measures 9 inches cross by 4 ½ inches deep. The interior displays a large icon with water dots and earth/land symbols. The exterior is painted with great white interlocked F forms, with the classic Fourmile polychrome white on red exterior with the wide black band at the rim. Wonderful execution.. T is no paint touch-up, all is original. This bowl was made prehistorically with the coil and scrape technique. Remember, you have a full money back guarantee, if t is anything you donâe(tm)t like about the piece, just return it, no problem, no questions, no hassles. I purchased this vessel at an auction in Phoenix many years ago.*******

. T is NO RESERVE on these pieces, so don't get left out in the last few minutes of bidding. Everything is 100% authentic. Check out my feedback if you have any doubts. This offer is fully guaranteed, if you are not satisfied for any reason just return the item for a full refund. Any questions please e-mail. Buyer satisfaction is GUARANTEED. I recommend using PAY PAL.