Greetings ebayers! Up for auction is this drop dead gorgeous Prehnite "finger" pseudomorph after Anhydrite from the world famous Prospect Park quarry in New Jersey. From the absolutely magnificent Alan "Bundy" Beres collection which I just acquired. I have never seen such a meticulously labeled and cataloged mineral collection in my 15 years in the hobby. There is no guessing on the locales of the specimens in this collection. He collected in NJ from the 1930's to the early 1960's. Prospect Park is known across the globe for it's magnificent minerals and it is a classic NJ locale. This is a very showy specimen with fantastic form and very good color & luster. The form is incredible.....with a well developed & 100% complete Prehnite finger. There is no damage whatsoever beyond the edges of the specimen where it was hewn from the host rock. It comes with a matching label. It measures 3 3/4 x 2 1/4 inches. Much better in person!!! Nice clean piece!. Retail is ??? Every NJ collection must have a Prehnite pseudo!!! Prospect Park is being handed over to developers in January of do not miss out!! The pictures tell the story..........great color & form, classic material, vintage locale and solid cabinet size ! A serious addition to any collection.....but an important purchase for the New Jersey collector. I now take ... read more