Premier Artist Maple Drum Kit

Up for sale is a great kit that I have had for around 10 years. This kit is only being sold because im off to australia and have no where to store it for 12 month.
This kit has been giged with and has the usual scratch marks on it but still sound as good as the day I bought it.
Perfect kit for somone who wants to start playing drums and doesnt want a crappy argos kit for 200 notes or for somone who wants a sweet kit to play. This kit is very universal and sounds awesome played in any band punk metal jazz what ever floats your boat.
Sizes TomToms 14x14 floor Big Dog bass pedal double chain
12x9 Tom Double braced Stands except one cymbal stand
10x8 Tom Drum stool
Snare 14x5 14 inch Paiste 101 brass Hi Hats
Bass Drum 22inch
The cymbal stand is missing a wing nut and the I have lost the felt that sits on the hi hat stand. These items can be picked up from any good drum shop for a couple of quid.
NOTE: Sending this item will be very expensive so i would preffer pick ups of if you want to sort out courier service that is fine, just email me....