For everyone who bid on these special coins I listed in the recent past, I want to thank you. Please know that I'm listing the final remaining five from my collection, and t will be no more after this . As you may know, they have been in safe storage for many years.

This is a bronze coin commemorating President James K. Polk. The coin is appx. 3" in diameter and appx. 3/16" in thickness. The coin weighs appx. 7.2 ounces. The coin is in very good condition and is starting to get a patina. It does have discolorization on the front between the likeness of President Polk and the words UNITED STATES. Hence the starting price of $ .49. It has never been cleaned and I do not know if this discolorization would come off or is part of the bronze. The front has the likeness of President Polk and the year 1845. The likeness of President Polk is raised appx. 1/8" to 3/16". The back of the coin has two clasped hands and the words PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP. T is also a tomahawk and peace pipe on the back.

I will ship this special coin in a sturdy box for safe mailing. I will give a shipping discount if additional coins are won.

Thank you for looking.

***Free gift with purchase ***