President John F Kennedy JFK Death Certificate

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In 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was enjoying his presidency. The Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Blockade behind him, he was on a path to realize many of the great visions he had for this country. On November 22nd, 1963, President Kennedy made that fateful visit to Dallas. And while no one could extinguish the visions he had for America, the tragic events of that day are well documented as America lost her leader.
are some of the lesser known details of that day:
When the mortally wounded Kennedy was brought to Parkland Hospital, the Vernon O'Neal Funeral Home was called in. They retrieved their brand new 1964 Cadillac Miller & Meteor hearse and best casket and prepared Kennedy for the trip home to Washington for his funeral.
The owner of this document was an employee at the funeral home at the time and a central figure who was very involved with the preparation and transport of President Kennedy from Parkland to Love Field.
Because Vernon O'Neal was the funeral home director who handled Kennedy at this time, it was his responsibility to produce the death certificate to be filed with
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