President John Tyler Signed Land Grant 1844 Dane WI

You are bidding on both documents. Both are to the same person or family - Kittil Kittilsen from Dane County, Wisconsin. (T is some info related to this early Scandanavian family that immigrated to Wis on google) One is a United States Of America Land Grant signed by John Tyler as President. Dated October 1, 1844 with nice signature of Tyler. This is a John Tyler signature and not a secretarial signature. (I very recently sold a similar John Tyler signed land grant with a very similar signature by Tyler and received positive feedback. This was a somewhat hurried signature and t is a large dealer that has a land grant for sale by Tyler with almost this identical signature and he is asking $8000) On parchment paper the document has been folded and curled slightly as is the Taylor document that I have listed. The Presidential seal is relatively nice and intact and believe the condition is good overall. The writing on document is somewhat faded although all can be read. As with the other document (Taylor) this is from Dane County (and this document reads- Wisconsin Territory) Nice display document measures app 16" x 10" and has nice signature of John Tyler as President. Other document is also a land grant from Dane County and is NOT signed by the President but is to the same person and nice document to accompany the other. This document

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