President of the British Society of Cinematographers...

On offer is a fantastic piece of movie making history . It's a vintage medal award for the "President of the British Society of Cinematographers" and has it's original ribbon, neck clasp and box. Just look at the pics to see how nice this is. It's made of silver and has the hallmarkings on the reverse - TF (which is the maker), an anchor (which means it was made in Birmingham), a lion (which means it's silver), but the fourth marking, which should be a letter, I simply cannot make out. It's t but unclear and my camera is not good enough to take a picture so close to an item!

This is a real cinematographical rarity as t must only have been a handful of Presidents, and even less that would have been given a medal award!

Don't miss this chance to give the ideal gift to you cinema enthusiast partner or if you do know a cinematographer - this is the thing for them.

If anyone knows any more about this item, please do drop me a message and I'll add those details to my listing.

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