President Richard Nixon signature on Fisher Space Pen

For your consideration, we're offering this President Richard Nixon Fisher Space Pen. The pen is chrome with the blue signature. This pen has been in our personal collection since 2001 and we haven't seen one on eBay since this time.

Please contact us if you want additional pictures emailed to you. We ship the same day or, at the latest, the following morning when you pay by money order or by a Paypal payment. Payment by check delays shipments by 5 business days for the check to clear.

Shipping/handling is $5.25 for USPS Priority Mail. An USPS tracking number will be provided so you can track your shipment to your doorstep.

Over the rest of the year, we will be selling off our extensive collection of Presidential and VP pens. After collecting them for 25+ years, our collection is about as complete as I could ever hope for so its time to start collecting something else. I worked in the White House during the Reagan years so we will not be selling any Reagan pens unless they are duplicates in our collection. Obviously, still too many good memories of those 15 hour days and receiving those pens while on Presidential trips, etc...

Some of these other pens that will be coming to auction include a "Nixon signature" Fisher Space Pen, boxed VP Walter Mondale, boxed VP Dan Quayle and many other scarce and
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