The Presidential Medals & Stamps Collection, Full of Set 39, Boxed, RARE !!

this is a complete and full set of 39 x 24c gold plated medal coin covers which are the Special Collector's Edition of Official United States Mint Presidential Medals/Coins from the Postal Commemorative Society,

each envelope is for different president numbered 1 to 39 in timeline order, each has it's own postage stamps which are franked on different dates and the medal/coin relating to that president, this set is completely matching with the same name and address printed on every one, it comes in the original blue box which does have some cosmetic damage on the outside which I have shown in the photographs, the interior of the box and the envelopes are in great condition,

the first envelope is for the 1st president George Washington, it has his date and place of birth along with the 2 stamps franked "Wakefield VA Feb 22 1983", one stamp is a 3 cent Washington's Inauguration stamp of 1939 and the 18 cent US Flag stamp of 1981, the medal has a portrait of Washington on the front and the reverse has two hands shaking with the inscription 'Peace and Friendship' on the back of the envelope is also Washington's dates of office, a print of his signature and the sentence "Observe good faith and justice towards all nations",

the last envelope is for Ronald Regan, this has his date and place of birth along with
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