Prestige Horse Protective Stable Boots Front Medium

Prestige Stable Protective Boots
(Set of 2)

Size: Front Medium (Average Horse)
Color: Black
Model Number: F5
Suggested Retail Price: $179.95
SKU: PF5000101

Item condition: New with Box

A terrific closeout deal! MADE IN ITALY

Prestige Stable boots are designed to protect the horse in the stall. They are anatomical in shape with multi-fix fastenings that provide graduated support. Made with an elastotech outer shell with a double lining that is breathable and resistant to wear and tear. Internal cushioning in velusoft, a breathable non-allergy material to ensure the utmost comfort for the horse. Fitted with TPU reinforcement at the rear. The fastenings also feature an anti-slip grip for easy fastening that fits snugly and securely. Black. __________________________________________________________________
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