Presto Butter churn with metal lid, cast iron gears, wooden knob handle and metal paddles (much more sanitary than the wooden paddles). These were made to go on a fruit or canning jar . The lid and the dasher are aluminum. The underside of the lid is stamped Presto. Sears sold this churn in their 1935-36 through 1942-43 catalogs although they referred to it as a Bargain Churn or low cost Churn and not a Presto. Lid comes off easily, gears turn and it works! ( information I gleaned from ).

The jar I'm selling with the churn is one quart. It is a machine-made product jar or commercial packer jar from the early to mid- 1900's era. Embossed on the bottom of the jar is: FINISH PATENT APPLIED FOR, with numbers 422, and inverted triangle with a T in the center, below the triangle is a number 4. Upon researching the jar,I found out the 'finish' is the lip of the jar. Inside the base of the jar is an uneven thickness and it's domed toward the top.

I assume all responsibility for fairly describing the item I sell, its packaging and transport to the post office. But once it leaves my hands, I assume no liability and tfore I strongly encourage buyers to purchase insurance, especially on breakables. . All sales final unless item is substantially not as described. Once I receive notification of payment I will gladly ship the item.
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