In the late 18th Century, when Sheffield was just a small hamlet surrounded by cow pastures, Birmingham was a thriving industrial community and home to many of the early English tool makers.

'Edward Preston', established in 1825, was one of the few firms to carry the long established tool making traditions into the 20th Century.

Over the years, Preston offered a staggering array of extraordinarily beautiful and high quality tools that were unequaled by any other single firm. As new products were designed and came on line, order products remained in the catalog. By the early 20th Century, the company offered some 362 boxwood rules, 64 ivory rules, 333 levels, numerous wooden and iron planes, spoke shaves, squares, braces, chisels and many other tools.

The company did not mass produce their tools by production line methods, nor did they inventory thousands of products. Their custom was to take orders and produce the tools, as needed, to fill the waiting orders. Some items may have been made at a rate of only one or two per year!

This little rabbet plane is made to a standard that is simply not found today, except by an extremely high end customized tool maker!

The throat opening, presented to the cutter, is infinitesimally small.

The plane is in fine working order and the depth adjustment is as smooth and precise as one could hope for!

The nickel plating shows light wear and remains 95% or better intact.

The cutter bears the Preston logo and remains near it's full length.

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