prewar bicycle antique Schwinn Excelsior Autocycle '37

-1937 Straight Bar Jewel Tank Excelsior badged Autocycle - all original except light brackets, one headlight lens and fender bomb- compared side by side to an orig it is near perfect- original paint front fender and fork- the frame rack braces and rear fender have been faux painted to match- the tank mostly fauxed with some original paint- the decals are all fauxed in- this bike is complete as the non- cross bar model but has the correct drive unit for the cross bar speedo and ill list a speedo unit later as well- - - seat has an older soft leather restoration with all the original parts retained- locking fork has the original Arnold Schwinn script key- Delta Silveray Headlights - Nice original Schwinn Cursive script glass lenses in tank- as well as mint original Schwinn script rear reflector glass and rack reflector- tank has some crusty issues inside w body work was done door needs front part of hingepin replaced- rear fender tail bit off as shown but good shape otherwise- handlebars have the higher rise - perfect for cross bar speedo conversion- Torrington 10 mens pedals- original red closed end finger grips but of different makes- original nylon tread NOS General White Wall tires with name rubbed off-saying made in USA, etc- Double AS bolt double adjustible stem-Original Fore Wheel front drum brake with deep nice Arnold Schwinn ... read more