Primal Vision Emergence Porcelon Horse Figurine NIB

Primal Visions by Starlite Creations
Emergence (Horse Figurine)
Retail: @ $50.00
@ 7 " Tall X 9 " Long

A delicate figure representing the power of the Female. An awakening of the spirit and movement into the path of balance. EMERGENCE is love, life and power embodied
Primal Visions sculptures are inspired by the art of the ancient peoples of the world. The horse figure is adored with ancient symbols. Some symbols have meanings to all people and some only to one tribe. These symbols are used in combination to tell many different stories.

Sculpted by KITTY CANTRELL - an Award Winning Artist and environmentalist who is known for her striking sculptures of North American wildlife. Intricately designed and detailed, her Mixed Media sculptures capture expressions of animals that have never known human touch.

PORCELON - these are made from Porcelon, a mixture of the finest cold-cast porcelain and resin. Each of these animals are hand painted and glazed with special vibrant colors.

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