Primal Visions - Horse - Creation Story

Artist: Kitty Cantrell

A unique sculpture collection, reminiscent of our past.

I nspired by the art of the ancient peoples of the world. Some symbols have meanings to all people and some only to one tribe. These symbols are used in combination to tell many different stories.

"Creation Story"
PV 8311

Size: 11" (27.94cm) Long
Ship Weight: 5 lbs 0 oz

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Legends tell two stories of how horses came into existence.
One speaks of creation from a mountain, while the other tells of emergence from a river. Creation Story combines these stories.
Represented is a river, a mountain and the emergence symbol.

Award-winning artist and environmentalist Kitty Cantrell is known for her striking sculptures of North American wildlife. Intricately designed and detailed, her Mixed Media® sculptures capture expressions of animals that have never known human touch. "If my sculptures can make people think about wildlife and appreciate the importance of wildlife, then maybe they will feel compelled to help protect it." Primal Visions TM provides a unique glimple into our ancient past. Kitty explains, "rock art, cave paintings and carvings, have always touched
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