Primitive Antique Galvanized Fruit Dehydrating Tray Lg

Primitive Dehydrator Antique made of galvanized metal this is a very large tray with a hole w you pour in heated water to dehydrate fruit on the top of this old galvanized tray. Interesting concept. t is a metal handle to pull this in and out of the drying space you have it on or in . Very large 18 by 26 inches- depth is 4 inch. t is a nice lip on this as well. t is some mild rusting or wear noted. personally it has a nice patina to it obviously not a shiney new reproduction. While I did not put water in it to try it out it looks well sealed and t are no areas worn through. This was from a Lancaster PA family. In Pennsylvania Snitz Pie made from Dried Apples is an old dish and I wonder if this device was not used to dry apple slices.

Galvanized items are great to display on the outside garden porch- see this month cover of Martha Stewart Living she has several galvanized peices grouped together. this would make a stunning peice leaned against a wall or hanging from wall - would be neat to sit pot collection on or anchor it and create a unique table top!

Think outside the box when it comes to vintage collectibles and the cottage garden! I actually have two of these and I am selling the one in the best condition. I plan to create a potting table with this dehydrator as an insert that can be lifted out cleaned off
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