Primitive Bradley & Hubbard Cast Iron Match Holder

I have for auction a Bradley & Hubbard cast iron match holder. This one hang's on the wall. Go great next to a bradley & hubbard lamp. Size is 6 5/8" long, 4 7/8" wide. Has Bradley & Hubbard mark on back in circle with Conn. West Meriden, below that 1805 in a square. These are rare make a great addition to any B & H collection. Condition great, no cracks or breaks. Little paint on it w it was painted at one time. Look at pictures and ask questions. Thanks for looking.

It was brought to my attention, that t is a break. On lower left a branch and leaf is missing. So primative I didn't see it first time. Still a very nice primative piece by Bradley and Hubbard. Thanks for information.