Primitive Ca 1860's Handmade Pine Cobbler's Box-CHARM

This charming and unique cobbler's box is available for your bids. The item belonged to my mother and was a piece she used in her home, ie. holds magazines, placed by a chair or couch to sit a glass... She referred to this item as a primitive cobbler tool box. My mother was a dealer and collector of very early primitive pieces, she was also a dealer. It was purchased from a favorite dealer she traded with in Ft. Worth, Texas. The item is completely hand made, all original and a real piece of Amerian history. It is made of pine.

The piece stands 16 inches tall , 11 1/2 inches wide at the bottom, 5 1/2 inches wide at the top , roughly 1 1/2 inches deep on the top and 3 inches deep on the bottom. The bottom piece of wood is 10 inches by 15 inches. The piece is all handmade, original hardware, Square nails are used throughout the construction of the item. T is normal aging to the item...Very sturdy in construction and very functional and useful.

Offered with a BUY IT NOW Price Best Offer. Let me know if you have any questions.

This box has been described by an interested buyer as a horseshoer's/farrier's box.