Primitive Christmas Snowman Flicker Candle Door Doll

Primitive Christmas

Snowman Flicker Candle Door Doll

Made from stained and baked muslin, dusted with cinnamon and gloves to give an aged and extreme old dirty & time worn appearance.....

His eyes, nose and mouth are stitched ..He wears a neck scarf made of grungy cheesecloth..

His black hat is made of muslin stuffed with poly-fil, color washed black and baked .. It has a grungy cheesecloth hat band with a sweet Cardinal sitting on the brim made of paint stain muslin with bead eyes.

The grungy, stained pocket is made from an old wool blanket and is blanket stitched to the front.... with 3 large rusty bells sewn across front with grungy cheesecloth ties and grey moss.

In the Pocket I tucked in some preserved Sweet Annie and a small bit of Sweet Huck, Red stained Broom Corn and two of my grunded battery Flicker tea light candles. The outside of each candle has my Own grunging recipe on them, to give that old, crusty drab brown color we all love!

This snow man doll is truly won't be disappointed!

The glow from this doll is so warm...and no worries of a flame or fire.

Doll measures 17inches long by 14inches wide and does have a hanger on the back if you should want to hang.

(Note on Flicker Candle) Realistic flicker light mimics
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