primitive easter egg tree ~ bobbin ~ catnap*primitives

easter tree

~ welcome ~

eggs on a tree ~ oh come on ~ it is just as believable as rabbits hiding eggs

you all know i love these trees ~ so why not one that has eggs on it ~ the tree is made of wire ~ covered in beige and green ~ like the trunk and limbs of a real tree ~ the muslin eggs are painted differently ~ t are 7 of the eggs ~ they are about 2" high ~ and a bit grungier than the picture shows ~ i put the tree in the bobbin ~ perfect to keep it standing on it's own ~ it is about 20" tall ~ always original ~ one of a kind

questions ~ drop me a line ~ thanks for stopping in ~ have a great week........karen

disclaimer ~ oh i have been thinking about having one of these for a while ~ now once you read it ~ it will always stay the same ~ so from now on you can skip over this ~ just a few quick things ~ everything i make is an original ~ no patterns ~ and sometimes you can tell ~ and they are one of a kind ~ so if you like it ~ get it ~ t won't be another ~ most importantly ~ i am an air head ~ let me repeat that ~ i am an air head ~ if you ever pay for insurance and you see that i didn't insure your package ~ please let me know ~ i will refund the money ~ it isn't intentional ~ just being an air head ~ and i have done that a couple of times ~ feed back ~ i am horrible about leaving feed
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