Primitive Folk Art Raggedy Ann Doll with her Lil "Boyds Bear

"My Sweet Annie"

She is made out of stained muslin that has been put through a Prim process for that aged look. Her face is Prim stitched.

She has two beads for eyes, her checks are blushed and her face has been shaded with pastels.

She has a full round head of red unruly Raggedy Hair. She on a head band with a little country flower that matched her dress.

She is 18 inches long and sits 10 inches high. She has a weighted body so she sits very easy. Her legs have been painted and lightly sanded.

Her dress is made from deep red calico, with a with a patch work apron and muslin Pantaloons under her dress. She has a crochet doily for her collar with a little necklace made from a tiny wooden spool.

She has a country flower in one hand that matches her dress.

Pinned to the front of her is a little Boyds Bear. I left the tags on this little bear because it is a collective bear.

These dolls are not made for children to play with.

They are for us Big girls to enjoy!