Primitive Grungy Mammy Doll Babies bnb

Primitive Grungy Mammy Babies Tilly and Thomas

This is Big Eyed Barbara Her sister Big feet Betty will come another day but big eyed Brabara Is here with her 2 children in her lap

These are of my own pattern my mammy newborn children Thomas and Tilly they measure 12 inches tall .made of muslin and painted black ,Pinched stitched noses and raw wool hair they both ware dipers of grungy cloth and rusty safety pins .....I know you will love this Mammy Girl shes so sweet ... .Thank you for visiting bean and brew god bless

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If we have bad weather here i cant not get internet so please be patient ....i try to ship everyday if the item is paid early enough i can some times get the items out same day ....but please give a few days to recieve tracking ...hopeing the maine weather will now change and we will get spring :)