Primitive handmade antique dollhouse

Up for bid, a handmade primitive dollhouse. This dollhouse has a green wooden base which measures 9" x 6". The dollhouse itself measures 13 inches from the base to the top of the chimney. The width is 8 inches and the depth is 4.75 inches. The house is made of thin sheets of wood covered with a paper pattern depicting two floors with windows. The third floor has a dormer attic window picture. The door itself is mounted on small hinges which allows it to open and close. The interior is covered with different wallpaper patterns on the floors and walls. T are two cutout windows on each floor of the front panel, both of which have miniature curtains tacked-up inside. Some wear has occured on the paper w the clasp hooks around the nail to hold the front panel closed. T is a slight tear in the paper on the right-side panel corner in the lower side. Less the 1" tear easily repairable.

I am not a expert on dollhouses and was told the dollhouse dates to the 1920's. Look at the pictures, judge them yourself, and e-mail me if you have any questions or information. If someone has more knowledge of the dollhouse and contacts me I will post information for all to see.

I got an e-mail which told me this was a Bliss dollhouse. The dollhouse has R. Bliss on the front door nameplate and is numbered on the upper right back corner
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