Primitive Kitty Cat One Eyed Jack Mystic Seaport Village CT Halloween

Old One Eyed Jack has lived in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut for as long as he can remember. Why he can't even recall who his Mama was! Rumor has it that he was dropped off after the first few weeks of birth, left to fend for himself. He never got the nurturing newborn kittens so desperately need. As a method of survival he became greedy and mean spirited. People tended to kick him by the wayside, pretend he wasn't there. They whispered about him and called him ugly. Course back them he was just a little lad who had to grow up fast. He still had both eyes and all his teeth. Having never experienced kindness in any form he circulated through the village seeking out a meager existence by clawing and fighting to scavenge for what he needed-or wanted. He became a bully in the true sense of the word. Nobody loved him and he loved nobody. Along the way he took young Fang under his tutelage. Fang, also abandoned shortly after birth was smaller in size, having never grown to the height that Jack was. The obvious advantage Jack saw was that Fang could scramble about in places that were too small for the taller cat to exploit. For a long time they skulked about the village, sleeping where they chose to. Eventually the tavern keeper offered them a deal. He thought it in his best interests as tavern keep to "hire" them for free board to keep mice ... read more