primitive set grungy long watermelon slice-sweet melon

grungy set of primitive long watermelon slice and whole sugar baby watermelon...these were handmade by me...I used my own pattern here and got a little carried away with the slice...but I think this long watermelon slice makes a great statement on a shelf...then I wanted to make a small sugar baby watermelon and this is what I came up with...I used aged muslin ..stuffed with poly fill for both..then painted..sanded...aged..and rubbed with cinnamon and cloves for a wonderful smell...the sugar baby has a curly stem from my curly mulberry tree... the slice measures 19" long x 5" tall...and the sugar baby watermelon measures 7" tall x 16" around. watermelon seeds were stitched with black cotton floss. ...I signed and dated each one on the bottom...summer time shelf sitters you sure will like..shipping priority mail with paypal welcome. thanks so much...have a wonderful week !!