primitive vintage post hole digger country farm tool

This is a vintage post hole digger from 1880. This tool is in exellent condition and works perfect. Wording embossed into the metal reads; Universal, Pat March 30 1880. The overall length is 56". It digs a hole that is app. 7" in diameter. The digger blades and mechanical components are made of cast iron and steel and is bolted to a wooden handle. The post hole digger companies are crazy not to bring this style of digger back into production. I have used the new style diggers for years and this old digger will outperform any of the new ones many times over, they can't come close to the efficiency of this one. I wouldn't't be selling it if it wasn't for my age and not planning on working that hard again. You slam it into the ground and push the lever down which rotates the digger blade into the other blade (much like a clam loader) then you lift the scoop of dirt out of the hole without loosing much of the dirt. The new ones drop half the dirt back into the hole taking forever to get the hole dug. The nose of the digger blades are in perfect shape and not all nicked and bent like most shovel type tools. All of the metal and iron parts (which have light surface rust)are straight and perfect with the exception of a small spot of weld on the lever handle. The wood handle is perfect and free of any rot, gouges or cracks. It appears that ... read more