Wonderful old trencher or dough bowl from the mid-1800's. I can't identify the wood it's made from but I believe its a softwood & the bowl is relatively lightweight for its size. This primitive bowl is full of soul & character from many years of use & its value was obviously appreciated by those that used it. T were a lot of bisquits and breads made in this bowl.

This trencher was worn completely through & has a square patch applied from the backside that also shows wear. The pattern of wear that remains on the interior is also interesting. The over-all patina of this trencher is very nice.

T is a check along one side & on the underside t is some sort of metal piece with two small "buttons" attached to the side of the widest point of the check. It looks as though t was a piece attached on the other side of the check as well. I can't tell if this partial metal plate was a hanger of some sort or intended as a mend on the check.

T are some stains on the interior & backside, many marks of age & use and t is a well-worn indented "notch" on the short edge, which I'm sure served as a thumbhold.

This unique primitive bowl measures 22" in length & 14 1/2" wide. It the approximately 3" deep at the center. The patch on the base is a 5 1/4" W x 6 1/2" rectangle.

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