Prince Diablo XP Oversize longbody racquet new L2 1/4

BRAND NEW. Prince Diablo XP Oversize. #2 grip (4 1/4). Very rare to find them brand new with this grip size. 28" longbody player racquets are hard to come by now a days. Great racquet for customizing. This racquet was made as a combination of the Chang graphite longbody and the precision equipe. If you like 28" racquets you should give this a try. Former pro player and current open level player Oren Motevassel uses this racquet (but he has added weight via lead tape to his). I have 6 of these racquets brand new, all have a #2 4 1/4 grip size (also have 6 used ones), if you want more than one please email me.
Racquet Name: Prince Tour Diablo XP Oversize Head Size: 107 sq. in. / 690 sq. cm. Length: 28.00 inches / 71.12 cm Strung Weight: 10.60 oz / 300 g Balance: 3pts HL Swing Weight: 328 Beam Width: 22.0mm Tip/Shaft: 22.0mm / 22.0mm Composition: GraphitExtreme / Titanium / Tungsten / Carbon Power Level: Low-Medium Stiffness: 66 String Pattern: 16 Mains/19 Crosses Main Skip: 8T,8H String Tension: 55-65