Prince EXO3 Warrior 100, 4 3/8 , NEW

Prince EXO3 Warrior 100 The Prince EXO³ Warrior 100 is designed for players who want to punish the ball and their opponents. With plenty of raw power, the Warrior is perfect for dominating the court. The EXO³ Warrior 100 combines the best features of the best-selling Black and White racquet frames to create one tremendous racquet.

When it comes to the Warrior racquet series, Prince believes that the best defense is a good offense. If you believe that your game is all about pure, raw, explosive power, then the Warrior series should be the first place you look. So grab your weapon and start punishing the ball with powerful groundstrokes, crisp volleys, and booming serves.

Head Size : 100 in.²
Length : 27 Inches
Weight : 10.6 Ounces (unstrung) / 11.1 Ounces (strung)
Balance: Head Light
Balance Point: 32.0cm. / 12.6in.
Power Level: Low, Medium
Swing Type: Moderate, Fast & Long
Tension: 53-63 Lbs.
String Pattern: 16M x 19C
Beam Width: 24/26/22mm - Dual Tapered Beam
Swing Weight: 290
Grip: ResiPro
Technology : EXO 3