Princess Diana, Royal Wedding, Royal Gowns Stamps w/COA

Bidding starts at only .99. The Royal Wedding has came and gone. I have decided to sell these at this time as Collectors interest is at a high point due to the wedding. I sadly must say I bought these stamps in 1997 from the International Collectors Society on the night the late Princess Diana was tragically killed in the car accident. I had seen the commercials before for these but had not yet ordered them, but had intentions to. That night the tragedy came on the tv and was on all the channels. My wife and I watched it and then there was the commercial again. I then ordered them, still not knowing what her fate was. Again sadly we all know what happened next, the news we never wanted to hear. So anyway I have had these since 1997 in their protective holders with their Certificates of Authenticity. They are in mint condition and have been in my safe ever since. I am not usually a stamp collector, more into coins, but I do from time to time collect some stamps. I bought these as an investment and am now letting them go. Here is what you will receive.

New Never Opened Diana Royal Gowns Block of 9 stamps with COA.

Plus Diana Royal Gowns Collection with certificates of authenticity six different ones

White Dress with Blue Accents, Black Silk Cocktail Dress, White Dress with Cropped Jacket, Pink Evening Dress with
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