Princess HELENA Daugter of Queen Victoria -- good als

Princess Helena
Excellent als dated July 14th 1902. Excellent clear signature to the close of three pages

The Princess Helena (Helena Augusta Victoria: Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein by marriage;[1] 25 May 1846âe"9 June 1923) was a member of the British Royal Family, the third daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Helena was educated by private tutors chosen by her father and his close friend and adviser, Baron Stockmar. Her childhood was spent with her parents, travelling between the variety of royal residences in England and Scotland. The intimate atmosp of the royal court came to an end on 14 December 1861, when her father died and her mother entered a period of intense mourning. In the early 1860s, Helena began a flirtation with Prince Albert's German librarian, Carl Ruland. Although the nature of the relationship is largely unknown, Helena's romantic letters to Ruland survive.[2] After the Queen found out in 1863, she dismissed Ruland, who returned to his native Germany. Three years later, on 5 July 1866, Helena married the impoverished German Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. The couple remained in England, in calling distance of the Queen, who liked to have her daughters nearby, and Helena along with her youngest sister, Princess Beatrice, became the Queen's unofficial

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