Print By Jo Ko (Joe Koch)"Whittler" Original Artist Signature~Sketch~Collectible

Jo Ko (Joe Koch) Pencil Art Print 6 1/4 x 4 1/4: Original Joe Koch Pencil Drawing / sketch Print. Entitled "Whittler" Signed "JoKo" is in great condition. No marks or tears. The signature & title are originally signed by artist in pencil.

About The Artist: The signature of Jo Ko is the phonetic spelling of his name Joe Koch. He is a modest man of many talents, an able painter that embraces both the traditional and contemporary forms of expression He believes that the more extensive the painting vocabulary becomes, the better one is equipped to communicate with people of varying tastes and points of view. He feels it is the mission of the artist to call attention to the beautiful and interesting things that surround us. Jo Ko paintings and prints are avidly collected because the viewers respond favorably to the visual and emotional content of the subject matter. Jo Ko sees with the eye of the artist and the heart of a poet.

This paragraph was written by another Jo Ko fan & collector.

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