Prison art, by: Jose Soto. "Serpents Lair", original drawing, Aztec princesses

Prison art, by Jose Soto "Serpents Lair", original drawing, Aztec princesses and feathered serpents. ---ORIGINAL DRAWING DOES NOT HAVE THE WATERMARK OVER IT---- "Serpents Lair", an Aztec original drawing, created and drawn by artist Jose Soto, While in CSP-LAC Lancaster, mainline. Inspired mainly by Aztec designs and symbolism, two Aztec princesses submitting to the feathered Serpents, God representations of the Aztecs. Completly drawn in black ink pen, with a shading technique used by Jose, drawn on standard art drawing paper. original art by Jose Soto. See more of Jose's work at, /kulturaclothingla

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