Latimer records private pressing, not for sale and never released commercially. A gift to guests of the Sinatrama Room at the Latimer Cafe in Philadelphia, this is a 1962 live recording of the Summit Meeting of Sinatra, Martin and Davis, Jr. at the 500 Club in Atlantic City...this is the famous 5AM show.

This record normally sells for big bucks and this is the best copy I have ever seen. The labels are perfect and it plays near mint. There are no scratches or signs of use. I really think it is in mint conditon if you consider this was a private, small batch, pressing and was probably handed out in this exact condition...not shrink wrapped. the cover is like new and considering the printed white cardboard cover, is amazing. Alot of the covers had stock covers with basic glued-on thin paper type sheets on the front and sometimes another sheet on the back. There were various printed sheets for liquor ditributors and for the club itself. Almost always the sheets were glued on sloppily with glue seeping through, usually crooked, and within minutes they tore or were trashed. This is (I think), the rarest and most desirable...it is an actual printed cover with plain type on front and back.

Jerry Osborne says, "Amateurishly produced and poorly packaged though it is, it still sells for $300 to $400." However, he was speaking
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