Pro-bilt (Built) 1/35thscale WWII German King Tiger II

Pro-bilt (Built) 1/35 th scale WWII German King Tiger II
This is Tamiyas 'Ardennes Front' model kit, but I'm not displaying it as that sent to that area but instead to the Russian Front of winter of '44-45,showing a heavy tank that has witnessed the extreme weather of the Eastern Front. Not a lot of these beasts were made in the little time left before the wars end....on roads and in cities these were hard to beat and in open areas Shermans simply stood off or tried to trap them in an area where 4 or more could do their best to knock one out,but across to the Eastern front the Soviets bigger weapons and respective weather wrought havoc on them.I base coated then went to the dark yellow/green camo scheme then over it winter white camo..then went to work weathering etc..paint chipping rusting ..ending in the results I was aiming at. The barrel is Alluminum, the muzzle break is 5 part in brass made by Aber,the cable is metal from my spools..gun cleaning rods are brass..and a good deal of PE. was used ..It's a static build except that the turret does move but can't be removed...hope its worthy of your collection..
As a commercial and fine artist I've about 40 years of building miniature replicas of numerous objects...w/armor being the more enjoyable part. . . . . . We have an excellent record of posting secure shipment to
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