Pro Co Rat Distortion Pedal (Vintage 1988)

This is a vintage ProCo Rat. This was made in 1988. It is technically identical to the very rare and collectible '85 'Whiteface' pedals, however the design on the front was changed to white on black (from black on white) in 86.I'm in Lewes, East Sussex.
It's one of the best sounding and dynamic distortions I've heard. You can get everything from subtle overdrive to big doom fuzz. I'm selling it to fund buying a more modern remake of the Rat - specifically the Lone Wolf Plague Rat.
This is in pretty good condition. It's built like a tank and the only repair I've had to do is replacing the output jack because it broke. It was a simple fix which any tech should be able to do with ease if it ever happens to the other one. Apart from a bit of scruffiness that you'd expect from a pedal of this age and a bit of Velcro on the back (which should be easily removable) it's in very good working conditions. There are no other issues with it at all. This is the model with the LM308n chip in it, if you were interested. Much better sounding than any of ProCo's modern reissues.
You can pick it up from me in Lewes, East Sussex (near Brighton), or I can deliver by courier. I'm happy to do free delivery.