Pro Custom POTF Hoth Snowtrooper 93B! AWESOME!!!!!

For your consideration is a perfect and nicely restored Hoth Snowtrooper on a cool custom "The Power of the Force" Cardback. The figure is armed with vintage Hoth Blaster Rifle and looks amazing on a Vintage cardback. The coin is an aluminum-coated reproduction of the Hoth Snowtrooper POTF coin. The cardback is a custom designed by SteelDragon Studios. Now you can own this cool custom! - A must for all vintage Star Wars Collectors!!!

Every kit includes a high quality glossy and vibrantly colored card with the correct front and back, the correct sized bubble blister, as well as, a matching color cardstock footer if present in the original. Steeldragon Studios restored and custom carded figures will look great in any collection!


These cards are made with the best materials available: glossy covers, archival paperboard with the same thickness as the original ones, high quality and clear bubble/blisters, and matching colored footers. The corners are rounded with the correct radius and the retail hole punch is the correct size and placed exactly as the originals were. All kits are the same exacting dimensions in width and height and display perfectly in Star Cases just as the originals do! Steeldragon Products are the result of extensive testing of products and
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