Pro Pioneer Inflatable Canoe by SOAR

I purchased this Pro Pioneer Inflatable Canoes made with hypalon as a demo unit several years back from Pristine Venture's Larry Bartlett who designed this inflatable canoe for use on hunting expeditions in the backcountry/wilderness of Alaska. It was produced to Larry's specs by SOAR, which is a California based manufacturer of inflatable boats. For a raft with a rated load capacity of 1,500lbs, it only weighs 80lbs and can be managed by a single individual. If you are planning a float hunt in Alaska, you should consider this as one of your options. While I have used it with just canoe paddles, some people have attached a rowing kit on this vessel in order to use oars on this raft. I never ended up using it on a trip to Alaska and have just used it for recreational purposes around local rivers and lakes. The boat is in very good condition. It does not have any patched holes .
Tube Diameter:
Floor thickness:
Inside width: 46 inches
16 feet
14 inches
5 inches
80 lbs.
1500 lbs.
18 inches