Pro Recording Techniques tips for Fireface 400 800 rme


Does your interface have what it takes to lay down solid tracks?

Are t particular "secrets" of recording pros? Some unspoken voodoo that gets them a better sound?

Sorry - T aren't! T is just good, clean technique, and a willingness to experiment and strive for new sounds.

And as far as gear goes, cutting good tracks is more a question of technique than technology !

This manual will help you avoid audio audio recording pitfalls, giving you loads tips and techniques to learn and listen to, from microphone technique to mixing and mastering.

Some customer comments:

"Thank you for your prompt communication. I did receive the ebook and I am
already learning a lot I needed to know. This is the bible of home digital
recording studios! Thanks again for documenting your knowledge and making
it available to everyone.
I am the keyboardist for Spyro Gyra (30+ years)...I have been producing
music using Pro Tools in my own studio since 1999. I recently purchased
some high end equipment such as the Apogee Big Ben, Rode Classic Tube mic
and the Universal Audio Solo 610. I am using Pro Tools LE 7.4 producer pack
with the Digi002 rack. Your book immediately helped me to optimize the
audio path I should take from the mic to Pro Tools. It also helped
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