The Pro Simulcast System for Horse Racing Handicapping

The prolific and solid handicapping author Bob Pandolfo wrote this 33-page booklet (in good condition, graininess on cover, see photo) in 1998; the information in it has held up so well that Bob has reissued this report in a nice paperback edition on his site, which I highly recommend you visit.
I think the author did himself a disservice by naming it "The Pro Simulcast System" as although it does present a set of "rules" that allow you to scan for plays in an efficient manner , it also is a wonderful teaching document . The basic lessons are to look for horses with pace and class advantages, and Bob clearly shows you how to do this without slide rules, calculators, or computers. He has found through his successful career as a professional handicapper/author that horses dropping from certain class levels to specified lower class levels are always dangerous, especially so when they display the pace advantages that Mr. Pandolfo points out. He also chats with you (because that's his writing, out, all around, it's like he's sitting next to you talking up the races) about a number of other under-utilized handicapping factors that can contribute big-time to the betterment of your bottom line, and without really asking you to do much work to achieve it. The rules of the "Pro Simulcast System" are straightforward and there
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