Pro Street REAR Tires +2 FREE Wheels 1: 24 Parts #2

Pro Street REAR Tires SPRINT CAR Model 1: 24 Parts #2

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They are NOT for REAL Cars

They are NOT real full size items

They are MODEL CAR Parts ONLY

Use them for a Pro Street Car or use them on your sprint cars, as it is your choice !

You are looking at 2 HTF NEVER USED REAR Tires

2- TIRES Only for Parts

Goodyear Eagle D.T. Special on Sidewalls

2- of the smaller size of the REAR {NOT as wide or fat} tires

that came in various sprint car kits

{Pro Street Threaded Tire type size style}

2- REAR Tires Only in this listing
These 2 Tires are the other smaller REAR size of tire that came on Sprint Cars {Smaller & NOT as wide or tall size of rear tire Pro Street Tire THREADED type style}
Some model builders like these tires to use on Pro Street Car Projects.
As they are a nice Pro Street Style tire size, a shorter wide tire, that measure ALMOST close to but not quite 1 & 1/4 inches tall and 3/4 inch wide at their widest point on the sidewalls
These tires in this listing are the HTF other smaller shorter NOT as wide size of the REAR tires that only came in sprint car kits
Please do not confuse the size of tires in this listing with the other wider bigger fatter size
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