Pro Tools 10HD

The Winner of this offer will receive Pro tools 10 HD this will contain (installer, virtual ilok, and serial,) this is fully tested on win 7 win 8 and win 10 also mac snow 10.6.8 all the way to yosemite 10.10.5 this serial activation is the same way as pro tool LE the serial will allow you to use pro tools 10 without any issue just no need for ilok 2 to be plugged and also wont affect if you have a ilok 2 connected either if you have any question regard to this list be sure to ask me before buying
this version is for those who had lost their cds or have broken ilok license and no zerodowntime or simple you are still stuck with pro tools 8 HD and 192 iO HD ACCEL OR TDM and dont want to upgrade to an expensive NEW I/O HD
the serials cannot be transferred, cannot be added to a ilok 2, and cannot be registered.