Pro Ventriloquist Dummy Frank Marshall Tribute

This is a Superior ventriloquist figure that I purchased for my Grandson this past spring as a birthday gift. He is 14 and as with most teenagers he has changed his mind and decided he wants a guitar now.

This figure is a tribute to the great American figuremaker, FRANK MARSHALL . These figures are created and available only from Glenn Rappold . MIKE BOSE has helped Glenn with these remarkable creations.

He is in MINT condition and has never been performed with and only used a few times for practice.

When you open and look inside his mouth t is a label that states " Marshall Tribute Ventriloquist Figure " and is signed by Glenn Rappold.

(I am using most of the details that were in the actual listing from when I purchased him from Glenn.)


Real Professional FULL size figure approximately 40" tall!

BIG Beautiful BLUE eyes. that move side to side and are self-centering .

Gorgeous Auburn-ish colored hair .(He looks Irish to me)

He has Raising Eyebrows to flirt with and to show surprise.

Smooth mouth movements that opens WIDE.

He has a Ball and Socket neck for easy turnings and tilting.

He has the Marshall "orange style" paint job. Each head is painstakingly hand painted using 4 coats of Artist Grade Acrylics . Shading is
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