Pro Ventriloquist Figure "Fats" Movie Magic Puppet

"Abracadabra, I sit on his knee,
presto, change-o, and now he's me!"
For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of watching the classic 1978 horror film, "Magic" starring Anthony Hopkins and Ann Margaret, the quote written above was said by the character who was the real magic behind the film, the sinfully sinister ventriloquist dummy, "Fats".
Since the 1978 film premiere, t has been quite a few attempts of making a "replica" Fats Ventriloquist Figure. T has only been a select few figures, worthy of being called Fats. Up for auction, is one of the very rare "Fats" ventriloquist figures.
This particular Fats, was in the making for many years. It was made with a tremendous amount of precision and accuracy.
His features are:
1-precision slotted moving mouth
2-side to side self-centering eyes
3-left winker (seperate control)
4-right winker (seperate control)
5-hard shell blinkers
6-sneer effect
7-wiggling ears
8-raising eyebrows
9-lowering eyebrows
10-deluxe body and hands
Every aspect of Fats was carefully mapped out, all the way down to his freakishly life like teeth. He was made with all brass mechanics in the head stick that our very comfortable and easy to operate. His theatrical paint job only adds to his eerie look.
Fats' reserve is set reasonably. If
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