Proel Professional electric guitar bag BAG420P

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Proel Professional electric guitar bag BAG420P
Professional electric guitar bag, 25 mm. heavy duty rip-proof nylon 840 padding.
Guitar and bass bags - 'Lifetime' line. Thanks to a constant research and to inputs received by musicians around the world, proel have redesigned their range of bags and straps. That has resulted in enhanced ergonomic details, stronger materials, safer handles and straps. Everything that is necessary for a 'state-of-the-art' professional line. Proel use the best tested materials and pay attention to every single manufacturing detail: strong metal zips, heavy padding, safe handles. The PROEL 'Bags & Straps' line is the perfect mix between quality and competitive prices.
Application fields : Classic, acoustic, electric guitars and electric basses.
Finishing : Rip-proof padded nylon 840 with cloth inner/outer edge- banding.
Internal finishing : Soft strengthened foam padding 25 mm. covered with nylon to protect strings, tuning machines, headstock and bridge.
Colours Available : Black
Handles : Strengthened Velcro strap handle
Strengthened front handle
Strengthened adjustable and removable PVC double
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